Carolina Mountain Longarm Association

About Our Organization

The Carolina Mountain Longarm Association is a group of longarm and midarm quilting machine owners in the Western North Carolina Area.  Our members are both professional and amateur.  We formed to create a community of cooperation and learning for our members.  Our purpose is to promote longarm and midarm quilting in this area, to foster friendship and cooperation between members, and to provide an atmosphere for learning, sharing and mentoring.  Our meetings focus on skill building, show and tell, and fun.

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If you are interested in membership in CMLA, contact our President, Kathleen Rountree at kat525252 at yahoo (dot) com to receive information and forms for membership.

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Please do not ask for advice on purchasing a longarm or beginning a business.  We cannot help you buy or sell a machine.  Current longarm owners are welcome as guests at our meetings, just show up.  Sorry, our group is only open to current longarm or midarm owners.