Quilts on the Ridge

Sewing garments, bags and crafts since I was a child has been my main hobby most of my life.  I took my first quilting class in 2002, and now quilting has become my passion. I love all aspects of the quilting process.  I am a member of the Quilts of Valor foundation and quilt several quilts per year to honor our veterans.  This is edge to edge quilting with a star design.  If you are a member of the QOV organization, you can contact me for quilting your tops for presentation to veterans.

I am retired from professional quilting, and now only do charity work.

In 2013, I purchased my Innova 26″ with AutoPilot at the Paducah quilt show.

This quilt was done with custom computerized quilting in the border and pieced blocks. The applique blocks were quilted freehand.

These quilts were made by young ladies at the Asheville Academy for Girls as part of their therapy. They were donated to Newborns in Need.

Contact me, Chryste, at Quilts on the Ridge at 828-777-4367, or via email at quiltsontheridge (at) gmail -dot- com  if you have charity quilting needs.  My slots are limited and fill quickly.  I’m in Marshall, and serve Marshall, Asheville, and the surrounding areas.

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